Grow Room Space Utilization


Grow Room Architecture

No matter the size, your grow room facility should be up to code and streamlined for production. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency or maximum yields, the Grow Room Builders will show you all grow room architectural options for your space. We will perform an analysis of the grow area as well as an onsite inspection to ensure that you get a system that is right and in full compliance according to state laws. From starting a grow room to improving an existing grow room, we will work with you to determine the best equipment and practices to improve or successfully start your operation. 


SCROG (Screen of Green)

SCROG, or the Screen of Green method, is an ideal way to maximize the amount of plant that receives light.  Screens are kept between the source of growth and the light and works well with both sativa and indica plants.  The growing concept allows you to grow multiple buds per plant under a light instead of a single bud at the top. It's an efficient way to use your light source as more buds can be expected per watt. As the plants grow, they branch out and the result is a crop of massive buds that have access to lights. The Grow Room Builders has designed an adjustable mechanical SCROGs that will utilize the maximum amount of vertical grow space for higher yields. 

Deciding to invest in creating a grow room is an exciting endeavor, but it can also present a lot of challenges. It's crucial to be informed on proper grow room design and functionality.  The Grow Room Builders has unique growing methods, tools and techniques proven for maximizing space and yields exclusively for our clients.