Grow Room Consulting


The Grow Room Builders can help lay the groundwork and foundation for your business to be successful. Our Denver grow room experts will assist you in determining the procedures and policies that work best for your particular business. With decades of experience, we help businesses adapt to changing opportunities and rules ranging from legal compliance to operations to human resources. 

Equipment Options and Installation

Choosing equipment and installing it properly is essential to the success of a grow room. With our vast experience, we can provide expert tips to make sure you aren't wasting time or money when it comes to equipment installation and operation. Need a trimming machine? No problem! We rent them by the hour and even offer storage for them. 

Grow Room Cultivation Consultation 

It's of upmost importance to ensure your grow operation is top notch. Our team can guide you through setting up and selecting grow lights, soil, and the sanitation processes. We will also educate you on the growing process, lifecycle, and germination of your plants, making sure they are harvested, trimmed, dried, and cured at the right time and with the best practices. From getting quality seeds to setting up your facility, The Grow Room Builders can help every step of the way.  

Grow Room Human Resources

Behind every great company is a great staff and in the cannabis industry, it's essential to hire qualified and professional employees. The Grow Room Builders can help you find employees who are qualified to help with any aspect of your business. Our training methods are based on industry best practices as well as compliance requirements for your license. From temporary workers to long-term employees, The Grow Room Builders will take care of it. 

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